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Mens 3's Champions

Massive congratulations to our men’s 3 today who won the league with a thumping 9-2 win to win on goal difference!! This side help to rebuild the 2s a few years back and can’t thank them enough for now being part the development side they have become. They have played some unbelievable hockey this year and been such a pleasure to watch. Specials thanks to the senior members in the side who have helped to guide the youngsters through the season. @theryanjardine @jrashall @benjamin.copeland @haydonjones @mikedoran @ofairlie @jackytea123 @jackredknap @hockeyphilipwilliams @aodanjctrim @joel.bishop6 @maxi.robson @williamgray24 @michael_osner @harrymcgugan01 @hobie.ambrose @gby831 and the many more than were also involved. #oghc #future#hockey @sgcboyshockey #promoted #champions #fieldhockey#wearegoingup

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