Co Captains
Ryan (with beautiful hair) Jardine


James (the Scot with less hair) Asha

The men’s 3s are the heart of the men’s section. Some push for the 2s and train twice a week, some are the future of the club and others, well they turn up play hard and enjoy themselves a little more! With that you have a title winning side! 

Formerly the men’s 2s, the men’s 3 have had 2 push promotions in 6 years having won Surrey div 3 many moons ago. This allows for thE crusaders (men’s 2s to be created) with a few years of stability they narrowly missed out on promotion in 2017/18 season. This was very much a break through year with the dragons and current St. George’s students coming of age. The 2018/19 season saw them win the league on the last day of the season! The side has a number of men’s 2s squad players and future national league players and glued together by co captains Ryan and James. They will play in the surrey div 1 year facing a majority of 2s teams.