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The Men’s Vets team has been in existence since 2005 when, like a phoenix from the flames, several former 1st, 2nd and 3rd XI players rose from the ashes of their hockey careers to form Old Georgians Fire.

The OGs Fire play in the top division of the London Hockey League, which is a keenly contested division featuring the likes of Surbiton, Reading, East Grinstead and Southgate. In this league, Veterans teams must field at least nine players aged 40 or over, and two players aged 35 or over can be on the pitch at any one time. 


The primary aim of the Vets is to provide an enjoyable experience for all. A few years ago, we put in place an objective to create and sustain a "FIRE" culture that is: 


- Friendly – making an effort to socialise with         opponents, umpires and spectators after the game


- Inspiring – setting a good example for our kids and other OGs teams


- Respectful – cutting out back-chat to umpires and respecting each other as team-mates


- Enthusiastic – being supportive of each other on and off the pitch; enjoying our hockey 

In 2013 we lost a great friend of the Vets, Ian Marsh, and in 2018 we lost another great friend, Myra Matton.

We try to honour their memories by playing hockey in the right way every time we take to the turf.

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